My name is Shena Fatemi proud owner of InVision Fitness. As a little girl I remember being enrolled in many different dance classes, numerous plays and musicals. Music and dancing takes me to another place, a place where I am always happy, always strong, and all the noise that surrounds me ceases to exist. I obtained my degree in 2009 from Cal State Northridge and soon after I began graduate school, and in the middle of graduate school I decided that I want to wake up every morning and help people reach their fitness goals in a freshly unique fun way.

From my own experience I found myself on numerous occasions in the gym unfocused and unmotivated feeling as though everyone is looking at me and I couldn't stop looking at the clock so that the hour could be over and I could get out of there, but here at InVision Fitness it's as if time is in a hurry and before you know it, it's over and your left longing for more.

My vision for anyone who comes through the door is to have a place where they can call their own, and for the hour or two that they are here they can escape and have fun. When you walk into the studio there is a warm, calm, home like feeling which many have said makes them feel comfortable in the environment they are in. My mission is that everyone who is a part of InVision Fitness to be comfortable in their own skin, to be happy and healthy not only physically, but mentally. When you work out your body, you work your mind.